Theory of Cryptography Conference - From The Charter (2003)

From The Charter (2003)

The importance of the theoretical study of Cryptography is widely recognized by now. This area has contributed much to the practice of cryptography and secure systems as well as to the theory of computation at large.

The needs of the theoretical cryptography (TC) community are best understood in relation to the two communities between which it resides: the Theory of Computation (TOC) community and the Cryptography/Security community. All three communities have grown in volume in recent years. This increase in volume makes the hosting of TC by the existing TOC and Crypto conferences quite problematic. Furthermore, the perspectives of TOC and Crypto on TC do not necessarily fit the internal perspective of TC and the interests of TC. All these indicate a value in the establishment of an independent specialized conference. A dedicated conference not only provides opportunities for research dissemination and interaction, but helps shape the field, give it a recognizable identity, and communicate its message.

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