Theodore of Tarsus

Theodore (602 – 19 September 690; sometimes known as Theodore of Tarsus or Theodore of Canterbury) was the eighth Archbishop of Canterbury, best known for his reform of the English Church and establishment of a school in Canterbury.

Theodore's life can be divided into the time before his arrival in Britain as Archbishop of Canterbury, and his archiepiscopate. Until recently, scholarship on Theodore had focused on only the latter period since it is attested in Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English, and also in Stephen of Ripon's Vita Sancti Wilfrithi, whereas no source directly mentions Theodore's earlier activities. However, Michael Lapidge and Bernard Bischoff have reconstructed his earlier life based on a study of texts produced by his Canterbury School.

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Theodore Of Tarsus - Veneration
... Theodore is venerated as a saint on September 19 in the Catholic Church, Church of England, Episcopal Church (USA), and Eastern Orthodox churches ...

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