Theodore Dwight

Theodore Dwight may refer to:

  • Theodore Dwight (elder) (1764–1846), Federalist member of U.S. Congress
  • Theodore Dwight (author) (1796–1866), author, son of Theodore Dwight
  • Theodore William Dwight (1822–1892) U.S. jurist

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Theodore Dwight (author) - Life
... Theodore Dwight was born March 3, 1796 in Hartford, Connecticut ... His father was Theodore Dwight (1764–1846) of the New England Dwight family ... He compiled the travelogues of his uncle, Timothy Dwight IV, previously president of Yale, which he brought to publication in 1821 ...
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... Theodore Dwight and the Founding of the Law School The Columbia College of Law School, as it was then officially called, was founded in 1858 ... As Columbia Law Professor Theodore Dwight observed, at its founding the demand for a formal course of study in law was still speculative "It was considered at ... Theodore Dwight, who had been head of the law department of Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, believed formal legal education, conducted in the classroom with regular lectures, was far superior to casual ...
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