Thematic Endings

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Proto-Indo-European Verbs - Proposed Endings
... At least the following sets of endings existed Primary athematic Primary thematic Secondary athematic Secondary thematic Perfect Imperative The primary vs ... secondary endings are used in different categories, with primary (or "non-past") endings appearing in the present indicative and throughout the subjunctive, while the secondary (or "past ... The perfect indicative had its own endings likewise, the imperative ...
Proto-Slavic Language - Grammar - Verbs - Grammatical Categories
... forms, the PIE imperfect was lost or merged with the PIE thematic aorist, and the PIE perfect was lost other than in the stem of the irregular verb *věděti "to know" (from PIE *woyd-) ... The aorist was retained, preserving the PIE thematic and sigmatic aorist types (the former is generally termed the root aorist in Slavic studies), and a new productive aorist arose from the sigmatic aorist by various ... replacing some of the original endings with thematic endings ...

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