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Important Quotes

Fraternas acies alternaque regna profanis
decertata odiis sontesque evolvere Thebas
Pierius menti calor incidit

Fraternal warfare and alternate reigns,
fought for in unnatural hate, and guilty Thebes
Pierian fire falls on me to unfold —Theb. 1.1–3, D. R. Shackleton-Bailey, trans.
vive, precor; nec tu divinam Aeneida tempta,
sed longe sequere et vestigia semper adora.
mox, tibi si quis adhuc praetendit nubila livor
occidet, et meriti post me referentur honores.

So thrive, I pray, but do not envy the divine Aeneid.
Follow well back. Always adore her traces.
If any envy clouds you, it will fade;
When I am gone, due honor will be paid. —Theb. 12.816–819, Charles Stanley Ross, trans.

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