Theatrical Representations

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Theatre Of France - Historic Overview - Early Modern Theatres and Theatrical Companies
... During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, public theatrical representations in Paris were under the control of guilds, but in the last decades of the sixteenth century only one of these ... In 1597, this guild abandoned its privilege which permitted other theatres and theatrical companies to eventually open in the capital ... Theatrical representations often encompassed several works, beginning with a comic prologue, then a tragedy or tragicomedy, then a farce and finally a song ...

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    A Carpaccio in Venice, la Berma in Ph├Ędre, masterpieces of visual or theatrical art that the prestige surrounding them made so alive, that is so invisible, that, if I were to see a Carpaccio in a gallery of the Louvre or la Berma in some play of which I had never heard, I would not have felt the same delicious surprise at finally setting eyes on the unique and inconceivable object of so many thousands of my dreams.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)