The Wildflowers Series - Misty


The first OWP, Misty, is a pretty teen girl who lives with her upper-middle-class beauty-obsessed mother in Beverly Hills. Her mother and father are divorced and constantly fight over alimony payments and other petty articles. Misty is quickly torn apart between them and the stress gets to her, especially when it comes to her overbearing mother. She begins dating Charles Allen, a rich, handsome boy from her school who tells her that his parents are also going through a divorce. After losing her virginity to him, Misty finds out that in fact Charles Allen was using her, and his parents were still together. Saddened, she breaks up with him.

Misty then meets Lloyd, a rebel whose parents really are divorced, and they fall in love. One day, Lloyd doesn't show up in school, and later he drops by Misty's house and asks her to run away with him on his motorcycle. She agrees despite the fact they have only a few dollars between them. On the way, Lloyd stops and asks Misty to stay outside while he goes into a gas station. Later, when a cop pulls them over, Misty learns Lloyd had robbed the store. When Misty told the police the stress over her parents' divorce was a cause that led her to run off, she was ordered to therapy with Dr. Marlowe.

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