The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises

The Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises

The Virtuoso Pianist (Le Pianiste virtuose) by Charles-Louis Hanon, is a compilation of sixty exercises meant to train the pianist in speed, precision, agility, and strength of all of the fingers and flexibility in the wrists. First published in Boulogne, in 1873, The Virtuoso Pianist is Hanon's most well-known work, and is still widely used by piano instructors and pupils. However, the applicability of these nineteenth-century exercises has been questioned by some piano instructors today.

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The Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises - Trivia
... of running figures which are obviously derived from the Hanon exercises ... by) his son Maxim, some have suggested that these passages are a reference to the Hanon exercises Shostakovich would have heard his young son practicing ... The pianist and songwriter Bruce Hornsby wrote a song titled "Spider Fingers" which uses the technique from Exercise 47 ...

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