The Virgin Tour

The Virgin Tour is the debut concert tour by American singer-songwriter Madonna. The tour supported her first two studio albums, Madonna (1983) and Like a Virgin (1984). Although, initially planned for an international audience, the tour was restricted within United States and Canada only. Warner Bros. decided to send Madonna on the tour, after Like a Virgin became a success. After its official announcement on March 15, 1985, Madonna and her team started working on it. Madonna wanted the tour to be a reflection of her own self and collaborated with designer Maripol for the costumes. Beastie Boys were signed as the opening act, while record producer Patrick Leonard was signed as the music director for the tour.

The stage was triangular in shape and consisted of ramps around it, with lighting arrangements hanging about 30 feet above the stage. Four giant screens lined the outer perimeter of the stage, on three sides. The set list consisted of songs from Madonna and Like a Virgin; the songs were performed by Madonna, who was backed by two dancers, as she moved energetically across the stage. The show ended with Madonna in a wedding dress, performing "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl".

The Virgin Tour received mixed reception from critics, but was a commercial success. As soon as the tour was announced, tickets were sold everywhere. Macy's New York department store was flooded with buyers, who bought the tour merchandise like the crucifix earrings and fingerless gloves. After its end, the Virgin Tour was reported to have grossed over $35 million, with Billboard Boxscore reporting a gross of $3.3 million. The tour was recorded and released in VHS, as Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour, and received a gold certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). With the commencement of the Virgin Tour, people—especially women—thronged to see it, wearing clothes inspired by Madonna. This frenzy regarding Madonna gave rise to a new term called Madonna wannabe—a word that was ultimately officially recognized by the Webster's Dictionary in May 1991.

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