The Two of Us (1986 TV Series)

The Two Of Us (1986 TV series)

The Two of Us is an ITV comedy series starring Nicholas Lyndhurst and Janet Dibley as Ashley and Elaine, an unmarried couple living together. It was produced by London Weekend Television.

In the last episode, after four series, broadcast on 18 March 1990, the couple married.

Ashley's grandfather, Perce, was first played by Patrick Troughton, but later replaced by Tenniel Evans after Troughton's death. The couple regularly visited his domineering mother (Jennifer Piercey) and suppressed father (Paul McDowell).

Two regional remakes were made of the series. In Germany, 41 episodes of Unter einer Decke (± Under one Roof) were produced in 1993/94, using most of the scripts from the original series, combined with new scripts from Germany and the Netherlands. The Dutch version Vrienden voor het leven (Friends for Life) had 65 episodes produced in 1990-95 of which 64 have been released on DVD in the Netherlands.

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