The Tube (2003 TV Series)

The Tube (2003 TV Series)

This article is about the 2003 ITV series. For the 2012 BBC television series see The Tube (2012 TV series).

The Tube is a British television programme shown on ITV London and certain BSkyB television channels including Sky Real Lives and Sky3.

It is a documentary/docusoap about the London Underground network, and follows London Underground workers—drivers, station staff, managers, and so forth—showing the Underground system to the public through their eyes.

The programme was produced by Mosaic Films first for Carlton Television, and later for ITV London and Sky Travel. To date, there have been three series produced, including a two-part special on the 7 July 2005 London bombings (also known as 7/7). The series is now sometimes repeated, mostly on Pick TV.

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