The Process (collective)

The Process (collective)

The Process is an art and philosophy collective formed in the early 1990s. The idea was initially birthed at the same time as, and with a subset of the same people from, the studio work for the Skinny Puppy album The Process, though the direct interrelation ends there. Some of the early contributors included Nivek Ogre, Genesis P-Orridge, William Morrison, and Loki der Quaeler. Members are known as Processians or Processors

The Process logo — formed by the overlapping of 4 P's — the name, along with some philosophies, other symbols and texts were taken from The Process Church of the Final Judgement (Process Church); ideas that were initially introduced to the early members of The Process collective by Genesis.

Aside from the facet of their structure aimed at supporting a micronation status, the general organizational structure of the NSK played a contributing role in the aim of the original, largely unrealized, structure of The Process.

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