The Postal Dude - Appearances - Postal 2

Postal Dude's character is much more developed in Postal 2. He has moved to the fictional town of Paradise, Arizona, after being hired by Running With Scissors, Inc., who also act as characters in the video game. Postal Dude lives in a trailer park with his wife (an unseen character identified only as "Postal Dude's Bitch"), and has a pet Pit bull named Champ, based on Desi's real pet Champ. It is Monday in the beginning of the video game, and Postal Dude's wife gives him a list of errands to complete, which include things like "Cash paycheck" or "Get milk". When Postal Dude goes to Running With Scissors to pick up a paycheck, he is fired by Vince Desi (who appears as himself in the video game) for unspecified reasons, so at the end of the day, Postal Dude's wife decides to give him more errands to complete for the rest of the week

On Tuesday, it is revealed that Postal Dude is a Roman Catholic, (although this is disputed due to the Postal Dude's attitude) since one of his errands is to "Confess sins" in the church. Tuesday and Wednesday also reveal that Postal Dude is active in politics: two errands involve getting signs for a petition "to make whiney congressmen play violent video games" and vote in the general election of Paradise. Postal Dude has a deceased father whom he hated, to the point that the first errand of Wednesday is to "piss on Dad". Apart from his wife and his deceased father, Postal Dude's only other known family member is his Uncle Dave, leader of a religious cult who is implied to be David Koresh.

After completing the errands of each day, Postal Dude is seen returning to his trailer and is heard having short conversations with his wife about the events that took place while completing the errands. These conversations heavily suggest that their relation is a hostile one. On Friday, at the end of the game, Postal Dude's wife asks him if he remembered her Rocky Road ice cream, which she tells him not to forget on Monday. However, getting the Rocky Road is not a mission and there is no actual level to get it. The conversation is quickly ended with a gunshot, of which leaves a cliffhanger ending as to whether the Postal Dude has shot his wife, or his wife has shot him.

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