The Pit Dragon Trilogy

The Pit Dragon Trilogy

The Pit Dragon Chronicles is a series of science fiction and fantasy novels by Jane Yolen. The anthology is simply all of the first three books in one. The books are set in the far future, on a desert planet called Austar IV, which has a history and climate similar to that of Australia. The planet was originally a place where convicts would be exiled. For many generations the outcasts had adapted to their new environment and even formed a functioning society, focusing on a caste system of paid bonders and their owners. The amazing feature of the planet is that it does hold life, but very little, and has one species of dragons. The humans eventually managed to tame some of the dragons, and train them. They are bred for food and fighting. The economy on Austar is centered around "the pit" where owners bring their dragons in to fight.

In books two and three evidence is given that the dragons are far more intelligent than most humans perceive.

According to Yolen, the installments of the Pit Dragon trilogy are among those of her books which are often translated into other languages, and they have also been considered to be among her best known books. A fourth book in the series was published in 2009.

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