The Pen & Quill

The Pen & Quill

The Pen & Quill is an American publication about collectible autographs and manuscripts. It was created by the Universal Autograph Collectors Club - UACC, and emphasizes historical figures, events, autographs and manuscripts. The worldwide members of the UACC include key historical institutions, major auction houses, manuscript dealers and collectors. This membership represents the largest private holding of historical autographs and manuscripts in the United States. The bimonthly journal currently serving this membership is The Pen & Quill .

"The Pen and Quill" began in the late 1960s, as the monthly journal of the UACC. It regularly included news of collector-members, techniques of collecting, biographies of VIP’s, auction and sale information, listing of autograph dealers, terminology, research on topical information and information resources.. It has featured some of the greatest historians, writers, editors of its era, including Robert F. Kennedy, Milton Friedman, Ray Bradbury and Gerald R. Ford. Numerous autograph and manuscript experts have also contributed including Charles Hamilton, Kenneth W. Rendell and Paul C. Richards.

During its later years, the journal evolved with the advent of technology and the popularity of collecting. Articles began featuring in-depth handwriting analysis of major figures, such as Abraham Lincoln. For example, “The Lincoln Lift,” the most common comparison point in any Lincoln signature - the departure of the “ln” letter configuration in “Lincoln” from the signature baseline, was dramatically illustrated chronologically in the January–February, 2008 issue.. The hallmark of the journal has been the successful integration of history, forensic document analysis, comprehensive marketing research and fundamental collecting.

The magazine's place in the history of autograph and manuscript collecting is considered its most important contribution to publishing. While the successful transition of Editors has played an important role, so have the officers of the organization. Elected club officials have remained steadfast in their commitment to historical integrity and hobby ethics.

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