The Murder Game (TV Series)

The Murder Game (TV Series)

The Murder Game was a British reality television series that aired on BBC One from March through May 2003. The show was based on the American FOX television show Murder in Small Town X. Though classified as a reality television series, it was more accurately a hybrid of reality TV, game show, and mystery drama. The series was narrated by Rupert Smith. Although there was no host in the traditional sense the Chief, Bob Taylor, acted as a sort of host for the show.

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The Murder Game (TV Series) - Viewer Interaction
... Using Sky,Cable or Freeview,viewers could watch additional parts of the show using BBCi'sdigital interactive features ... featured exclusive footage from the Chief commenting on the contestants'current handling of the case ... details of the case which had currently been uncovered,including timelines,locations,relationships of suspects,and evidence ...

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