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List Of Courage The Cowardly Dog Characters - Other Antagonists - The Mummy
... The Mummy, who appeared in the episode "Courage Meets The Mummy", is the reanimated corpse of the royal baker of an ancient Mayan princess ... The Mummy descends on Courage's home to seek revenge on Eustace and Muriel, who are the reincarnations of the royal poobah and the Mayan princess, respectively ... After hearing the news from Professor Frith, who was mauled by the Mummy, Courage hypnotizes his owners into believing they are their ancient alter-egos ...
The Mummy - See Also
... Mummy (disambiguation) Mommy (disambiguation). ...
Trachodon Mummy - The Mummy
... The mummy was found lying on its back with its head pulled under its body, while its right arm stuck out into the air ...

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    I must work, so as not to be a fool, to get on, to become a journalist, because that’s what I want!... I can’t imagine that I would have to lead the same sort of life as Mummy ... and all the women who do their work and are then forgotten. I must have something besides a husband and children, something that I can devote myself to!
    Anne Frank (1929–1945)