The Miroir or Glasse of The Synneful Soul - Prayers of Queen Katherine Parr

A second embroidered manuscript book, entitled Prayers of Queen Katherine Parr, is also attributed to Elizabeth as a gift to the queen dated 20 December 1545. It contains prayers or meditations the queen had originally composed in English, which the princess had translated into French, Latin and Italian, handwritten in the princess's hand on vellum. The inscription reads "Precationes ... ex piis scriptoribus per nobiliss. et pientiss. D. Catharinam Anglie, Francie, Hibernieq. reginam collecte, et per D. Elizabetam ex anglico converse." It is, moreover, dedicated to Elizabeth's father Henry VIII, the wording being, "Illustrissimo Henrico octavo, Anglie, Francie, Hibernieq. regi," etc.

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