The Mice Templar - Significant Locations

Significant Locations

  • Cricket's Glen - Karic's hometown. Karic grew up in this small village learning of the tales of the Templar from the village blacksmith, Deishun. In the first issue of the series the village was destroyed by a rat army, and many of the inhabitants were taken captive. Cricket's Glen was introduced and destroyed in volume one issue one.
  • Dealrach Ard-Vale - Also known as the Shining City is the capital of the mouse kingdom and holds the palace of King Icarus. It is also home to the rat army and the Druids. The druids serve the evil Nathair and use their influence over King Icarus to control the kingdom. The Shining City was first introduced in volume one issue two.
  • Avalon - Also known as the Field of Avalon or the Field of Ruin. This once sacred area holds the Tree of Grace where the final battle in the civil war of the two Templar factions was fought. The battle led to the Templar order having to go in to hiding throughout the land, and left an ongoing rift between the few remaining Templar. Avalon was first referenced in volume one issue one.
  • Fields of Gold - A large field of wild wheat that surrounds the Great Ash Tree. It is from the Great Ash Tree that the Templar priesthood discern the will of Wotan through the patterns blown in the wheat. The Fields of Gold and the Great Ash tree were first introduced in volume one issue four.
  • Kildre Hill - A haunted hill that serves as the home of Black Anaius. The hill is scattered with ancient idols, totems and sacrificial altars. First referenced in volume one issue four.
  • Barren Lands - A large desert region also known as The Great Eastern Desert. Home to the fearsome red ants known as The Many.
  • Peak of Armagh - A high peak where Kuhl-En is said to have wrestled the Great Death Owl of Wotan for forty days and nights until breaking off one of its talons to become his weapon, the Mark of Kuhl-En. First referenced in volume one issue two.

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