The Meeting Place Church (Winnipeg)

The Meeting Place Church (Winnipeg)

The Meeting Place (commonly referred to as TMP) is an evangelical Christian church located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is a member of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches and the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba.

The Meeting Place's mission statement is "to be a biblically-functioning community leading people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ." In order to accomplish this, in 2010 the membership established a 3-year, 4-point vision statement. It is the intention of those at The Meeting Place to (1) Pursue spiritual growth, (2) Build whole relationships, (3) Share Jesus relentlessly, and (4) Ignite passion for the Bible.

The Meeting Place is notable for its casual Sunday morning experiences. There is no dress code, and all are welcome to attend. The services sometimes include drama, dance, and visual art as ways of allowing people connect with God, and almost always feature relevant and understandable messages of about 25-minutes that are most often part of a teaching series. It is not uncommon for the worship band to play songs from popular music. There is a cafe at the back of the meeting space and attendees are permitted to enjoy food and drink during the service. All of this is done in order to create an atmosphere in which both people who have attended church much of their lives, as well as those who have maybe never attended church, can feel comfortable, but also be challenged to believe the Bible and live according to what it teaches. Most weeks from September through June there are two identical 65-minute services each Sunday morning at 9 and 11am. During the summer, TMP offers one service at 10am.

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The Meeting Place Church (Winnipeg) - Ministry Activity
... In addition to Sunday program for both all ages, The MeetingPlace offers various other spiritual growth opportunities ... These met at the churchor in various homes across the city and on all nights of the week ...

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