The Kingdom Keepers - Kingdom Keepers Online

Kingdom Keepers Online

On April 6, 2010, the Kingdom Keepers Online game was launched. Gameplay is single player, but all players are collaboratively working to clear a single map of levels. The game features 2500 levels which are each procedurally generated, and gameplay is action-based.

All five main Kingdom Keeper characters are playable, each with different strengths:

  • Willa: Extremely fast, able to move across the level quickly or outrun enemies.
  • Charlene: The tank. High HP.
  • Finn: Balanced. Regains Charge quickly, thus able to trigger special attacks more frequently. Leader of the kingdom keepers.
  • Maybeck: Strongest attack. Highest DPS.
  • Philby: The sniper. His attack has an extremely long range.

The game tells a new story in the Kingdom Keepers universe; the Overtakers have taken over the internet and are threatening to escape into the real world. Players must clear out the network from the Overtaker infection. Special videos are unlocked on the website as players make progress in the game.

A new game has come out on the website about Wayne giving Ridley a message. The Overtakers try to distract the player by cloning the video, the player has to figure out which video is the real one.

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