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The Kingdom Keepers/DHIs/Main Characters

  • Lawrence Finnegan "Finn" Whitman: Finn Whitman is the leader of the DHIs/Kingdom Keepers. He's not sure why he is the chosen leader, and sees himself as an equal to the other DHIs. As the series progresses, Finn realizes it's his responsibility to lead the group. Physically Finn is an average middle school boy. He has brown hair, green eyes, is slim, and is about 5’4. He has a crush on Amanda (as seen when he kisses her in the 4th and 5th books), and is very protective of her. He is very brave and confident. He has a little sister, a mother, and a father. He seems to be a bit intimidated by his father, Donald Whitman. Also, in the 3rd book, Finn's mom decides to help them out with their Kingdom Keepers stuff. Whenever the Kingdom Keepers need a plan they always seem to turn to Finn. Finn also has an ability that is hard for every other DHI to do. When they cross over at night into Disney World they become part hologram, and part human. Finn is the only Keeper who can become full hologram for a long amount of time. Eventually the other Keepers are able to do this, but Finn can do it best. Being in this “all-clear” mode means that Finn can walk through walls and be unaffected by things that can hurt him. He's the only one who can do it when he's not crossed over or asleep, and thinks ironically that it makes him part Fairlie himself. Finn seems to have the overall qualities of the group. He has a balance of courage, smarts, athleticism, and control over his DHI powers. All the Keepers like him since he will protect everyone and in the 5th book Finn admits a connection with Maleficent. It appears that Finn dreams the future in Shell Game. In Dark Passage, he demonstrates amazing strength following a power surge in the previous book.
  • Charlene Turner: Blonde hair, blue eyes, and described as overall "beautiful". Also appears scared of anything under the sun, especially Maleficent. Was chosen to be a DHI because "She has the look of the typical American Girl Teenager". Her abilities are athletic ability and gymnastics. She is a cheerleader, dancer, track runner and champion gymnast. This athletic ability makes her an important contribution to the team and she is often used as a decoy. She can solve tough situations and has referred to herself as a "Scrabble wiz". In the first book she is very soft spoken and quiet. She is given the nickname "Charlie" by Finn in the 2nd book. In the 3rd book she tells the group that AK changed her look on things and now she is more involved. In the fourth book, she is put under a spell by the Evil Queen to spy on the Keepers for the Overtakers. Also in the fourth book, her feelings for Finn are much more obvious, but one-sided. In the 5th book, she kisses Finn even though she knows that he and Amanda are dating. In Shell Game an Dark Passage, she begins to develope feelings for Maybeck. She describes herself as a jock in the third book and does indeed do many athletic, gymnastic activities for the Keepers, as seen when she did a flip into a flying air plane and threw a spear at a dragon during Fantasmic!
  • Terrence Maybeck (Donnie or Terry): Maybeck is an African-American boy who is fiercely proud of his heritage. He is a Babtist. He lives with his Aunt Jelly, tends to swear, and looks older than his age (14 years old) as he is about a head taller than everyone else. He believes many girls are attracted to him. He is skeptical about almost everything that is in Jez's diary, and is the first Kingdom Keeper to disagree with Finn (though he does follow through with Finn's orders). Willa calls him "Terry" in desperation when the two are in the Dinosaur ride under Philby's orders. Terry (Terrence) is his real name; Donnie is his stage name. It is hinted that he may like Willa. Maybeck may be liked by Charlene as seen when she said she thinks about him in "Shell Game". Maybeck loves his Aunt Jelly and hates anyone who hurts his friends and family. He is strong, as seen when he held Scar's puppet head for a long time and when he crushed an OTK with a chair. His strength makes him a great Keeper. In book 6 he falls into a coma after a lightening strike caused by Maleficent.
  • Isabella Angelo (Willa): Willa is sweet, geeky, smart, and brave. She is described as either Native American or Asian since in Disney after Dark she was seen running on the cover and her skin tan was dark. She does archery, climbing, and swimming, which, along with her skills of understanding language and understanding clues, is useful to the team. Her mother is very protective of her. She likes Philby and the two are the most technically smart of the Keepers. She openly does not trust Storey Ming. Willa trusts Finn with secrets and they are paired up a lot in book 5.
  • Dell Philby: He simply goes by "Philby". He is great with technology and is very smart, even referred to as "making everyone else seem dumb" by Maybeck. Finn thinks of him as a know-it-all who doesn't get into your face about it. He is mildly seen as second-in-command and he is the guy to go to for information about every inch of the Parks. He is great at climbing and is well liked by the girls at his school although he couldn't care less about them. His first name is mentioned by his mother in Power Play, and also appears in the "Keeper Profiles" on KKO. He has a British or New Zealandic accent and red hair. His mother, Gladis, is paranoid about his safety. He also has a crush on Willa and is jealous that she and Maybeck are together in most of the Kingdom Keeper missions. He seems to set himself apart from the other Keepers in Shell Game, thinking he is smarter than everyone and acting rude. His ego shrinks after he is told off by Finn.
  • Amanda Lockhart: A girl of the same age who helps Finn locate the other four DHIs in their real life aspects; seems to have a few secrets of her own. She is very good with people and is interested in Finn. Amanda is a very strong girl with a good head on her shoulders. She is occasionally sarcastic, but in a funny and charming way. Amanda is described as having "exotic eyes, a deep, natural, tan, and freckles on her cheeks." She is about an inch taller than Finn. Finn has a slight romantic interest in Amanda, though the topic isn't discussed much in the first 3 books in the series. In the fourth book she kisses Finn. She is considered an honorary Keeper, and in the third book even becomes a DHI that can still use her powers to move things with her mind, levitate, and control wind. She is also a "Fairlie" as described in the second book. (Fairlies have special powers, and the word is a play on "fairly human".) Amanda's power is to push things. She can levitate small objects and push things away from her even if they're not touching her. She also tells Finn that this leaks into her relationships and that she naturally "pushes" people away. Finn tells her he's like a yo-yo, and that he'll keep coming back. In "Shell Game" she and Finn get into an argument before Finn goes on the Cruise Ship, so she is confused whether they are together or not. When Finn runs to jump off the ship with Willa, he sees Amanda and thinks about how he loves her.
  • Jessica Lockhart (Jez, Jezebel or Jess): also referred to as Jezebel or Jez by the Overtakers, a mysterious, gifted girl who first appears in Disney After Dark. Not much is initially known about her until it is revealed she is somewhat of an apprentice to Maleficent, possessing "magic" of her own. Towards the end of Disney after Dark she is revealed to be Amanda's pseudo-sister, by the real name of Jess, cursed by Maleficent to prevent her from using her powers. Though Jess is not biologically related to Amanda, they have always referred each other as sisters. Although her name is revealed to be Jess, she is always referred to as 'Jez', when the author is referring to her in thought throughout Disney At Dawn. However, in "Disney in Shadow", she is Jess. The author mentions that her name changes as often as her hair. In the fourth she is still considered Jess. She is considered an honorary Keeper. She also becomes a DHI in the third book. She is also a fairlie, with the ability to see the future in dreams, and sometimes daydreams. She is attacked by a hyena at the begining of Dark Passage.
  • Wayne Kresky: an elderly Imagineer who acts as the group's mentor and guide. He speaks in mystical clichés. He helped come up with the idea of DHIs to save the Magic Kingdom. Finn thinks he knows more than he lets on, but learns to trust him. Wayne also has had many meetings with Walt himself, which makes him a great addition to the Kingdom Keepers team. He is in fact a real cast member at Walt Disney World, and was put into the novel after he showed the author Ridley Pearson around the Magic Kingdom ride Splash Mountain. Wayne seems harsh to Finn in "Shell Game".
  • Wanda Alcott: The daughter of Wayne, helps the Kingdom Keepers reach places and areas inaccessible without employee keys. She is introduced in the 3rd installment. In the 4th book she is arrested when she falls into a trap laid by the Overtakers and hacks into the DHI server to check activity. Finn's mother bails her out. She continues to help the Kingdom Keepers into the parks. At first, the Keepers didn't trust Wanda, but her name - "Wanda" - and the genetic similarities convinced the Keepers she was really Wayne's daughter.

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