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  • Mrs. Whitman: The mother of Finn Whitman, hates lying, loves it when her son brings a girl over for dinner. She is supportive of the Kingdom Keepers and helps Finn and the rest many times, bailing Wanda out of jail, solving a cryptogram, providing transportation, and untying a barge in Disney in Shadow. In the 5th book, she becomes a Green Eye, but Finn attacks Tia Dalma and she takes the curse off of Mrs. Whitman.
  • Donald Whitman: The father of Finn Whitman, very strict, telling his son about getting good grades all the time. Was never turned into a Green-Eye unlike Mrs. Whitman but may be in the captivity of the OT's throughout the end of the series.
  • Finn's Sister:In Disney after Dark it isn't confirmed he has a sister but in Disney at Dawn Amanda borrows his sister's DS in Kingdom Keepers III:Disney In Shadow Finn asked where the rat (his nickname for her) is and said she was at Student Council. In Shell Game Finn says about his sister that his mom loves her more.
  • Dillard Cole: Finn's best friend, although Finn begins pushing him aside as he gets drawn further into his adventures as a DHI. Physically he is somewhat overweight. He always questions Finn's adventures, offering the logical explanation of a dream. He isn't referred to whatsoever in Disney At Dawn. He is mentioned once in Disney in Shadow although it mentions Finn doesn't see Dillard that much anymore and for a while it seems that they might no longer be friends. In the 4th book Dillard helps Finn and the rest of the Kingdom Keepers on a mission at EPCOT. He wants to become a DHI. In Shell Game, he appears on the Dream mysteriously helping Finn. He is kidnapped by the Overtakers in Dark Passage.
  • Gladis Philby: Philby's over-protective mother. Goes crazy when her son is in a coma. Later, she understands and fights Luoswski.
  • Bessie Maybeck: A.K.A. "Jelly" she appears a very nice lady who is also very protective of her nephew Terence Maybeck. She owns a pottery store called The Crazy Glaze. In Shell Game she gets attacked by Luowski with a gun taser which made Finn and Maybeck consider killing the OTKs.
  • Storey Ming: Appears first in Shell Game. She is a college aged girl on the Dream. She helps Finn and the Keepers, and she somehow knows Wayne. She and Finn kiss while on the cruise. It's hinted she likes Finn.
  • Mattie Weaver: Appears first in Shell Game. She is a Fairlie, she is friends with Amanda and Jess. She is on the Dream helping Amanda watch the Keepers, but Finn thinks she's an Overtaker. She and Finn are properly meet in "Dark Passage". She is revealed to be able to "emphazize" with any one she touches and see their thoughts.
  • Tim: Appears first in "Shell Game" He is a mosquito killer that Maybeck met at "Castaway Cay" He doesn't know about the overtakers and he and Maybeck are considered best friends.
  • Ariel: Her first appearance was in "Power Play" when she helps Willa. Teams up with the Kingdom Keepers in "Power Play". Also, friends with Captain Peter from the Disney Magic Cruise ship. It is confirmed she will appear in the 6th book 'Dark Passage"
  • Chip and Dale: Finn sees them when he first arrives the Magic Kingdom as his DHI.
  • Winnie the Pooh: Finn sees him walking with Piglet during his first visits to the Magic Kingdom as his DHI.
  • Piglet: Finn sees him walking with Winnie the Pooh during his first visits to the Magic Kingdom as his DHI.
  • Tom Sawyer: Finn sees him walk into Cinderella Castle during his first visits to the Magic Kingdom as his DHI.
  • Goofy: Finn sees him when he first arrives the Magic Kingdom as his DHI.
  • Tigger: Mentioned by a security guard in Disney in Shadow to have been seen spying on Ursula. He is then seen in the 6th book 'Dark Passage'
  • Mr. Potato Head: Mentioned in Disney in Shadow by security guards. They say that he likes to "mess around" backstage.
  • Mulan: Helps the Kingdom Keepers escape from Shan-Yu in the 4th book
  • Minnie: She helps Amanda and Finn get to Tom Sawyer Island. Minnie gets upset when Finn asks of Mickey Mouse's whereabouts in "Power Play"
  • Pluto: He helps Amanda and Finn once they're on Tom Sawyer Island by standing guard and defending them from alligators and the Big Bad Wolf in "Power Play". He is then seen again in 'Dark Passage' The 6th book.
  • King Triton: In "Shell Game" tells Finn at Typhoon Lagoon a code that when said to the Ocean he or a member of his Kingdom will come to help the Keepers.
  • Megara: She appears in 'Dark Passage' because she was brought to Amanda and Jess by Ariel
  • Mickey Mouse

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