The Human League Live At The Dome (DVD)

The Human League Live at the Dome is a DVD by the veteran British Synthpop group The Human League, containing a recording of a complete concert. It was commissioned by the band themselves due to the success of the Virgin Records commissioned The Very Best of the Human League (DVD) the previous year; and the high uptake for their live concerts.

The DVD records the entire concert played at the Brighton Dome on 19 December 2003, which was the closing night of the band's Very Best of Tour 2003.

Also included is an interview of the band's principal members Philip Oakey, Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall filmed at HL Studios, Sheffield, conducted by 'Jet' Martin Celmins; and an 'Access All Areas' featurette which mainly presents some of the highlights of the groups successful USA(four weeks)/Australia(two weeks) tour during 2003 filmed in a 'fly on the wall' style.

A companion two disc CD album was released in 2005 by Snapper Music called The Human League Live at the Dome.

The cover artworks for both the album and DVD was by Stig Olsen

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