The Greatness of A Hero - Cast - The Dik Family

The Dik Family

Cast Role Description Age
Lee Heung Kam Old Mrs Dik
Dik Yan-Kit's mother
Cho Yuet's mother-in-law
Dik Ching-luen, Dik Kwong-yuen and Dik King-fai's grandmother
Kent Cheng Dik Yan-kit
On Lau-mui's son
Cho Yuet's husband
Dik Ching-luen, Dik Kwong-yuen and Dik King-fai's father
Mo Sing-chi's enemy
Sung Ting-yuk's superior
Degraded to Luozhou County official in Episode 2
Promoted to Chancellor in Episode 20
Sonija Kwok Cho Yuet
Royal jewelry designer
On Lau-mui's daughter-in-law
Dik Yan-kit's second wife
Dik Ching-luen, Dik Kwong-yuen's stepmother
Dik King-fai's mother
Killed by Mo Sing-chi in Episode 19
Bernice Liu Dik Ching-luen
On Lau-mui's granddaughter
Dik Yan-kit's eldest daughter
Cho Yuet's stepdaughter
Dik Kwong-yuen's sister
Dik King-fai's half-sister
Sung Ting-yuk's fiancee
Promoted to Royal constable in Episode 20
Matthew Ko Dik Kwong-yuen
On Lau-mui's grandson
Dik Yan-kit's second son
Cho Yuet's stepson
Dik Ching-luen's brother
Dik King-fai's half-brother
Lawrence Ng Dik King-fai
On Lau-mui's grandson
Dik Yan-kit and Cho Yuet's third son
Dik Ching-luen and Dik Kwong-yuen's half-brother

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