The Fabulous Five (book Series)

The Fabulous Five (book Series)

The Fabulous Five is an American book series by Betsy Haynes in the late 1980s. Written mainly for preteen girls, it is a spin-off of Haynes' other series about Taffy Sinclair. It centers around five best friends; Jana Morgan, Melanie Edwards, Beth Barry, Christie Winchell,and Katie Shannon, along with their other classmates at Wakeman Junior High (fondly nicknamed 'Wacko Jr. High' by the students). It is published by Bantam/Skylark books and enjoyed moderate success.

In the Taffy Sinclair series, the five girls, then in sixth grade, started the 'Against Taffy Sinclair Club', which served as a forum for venting about the appearance, antics, and general attitude of Taffy Sinclair, the snobbiest and most popular girl in school. The Fabulous Five series follows the girls as they move on to junior high school. The books take place in the real town of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The series ended in 1992.

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