The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling - The Compendium of Club Juggling

The Compendium of Club Juggling

Following the success of The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling, Dancey was able to write and have published in 1995 (also by Butterfingers) a companion book entitled Charlie Dancey's Compendium of Club Juggling which also took on a collated encyclopaedic format but this time on the specific subject of club juggling. This second book was slightly thicker than its predecessor, largely owing to the increased emphasis on passing patterns. Some intricate solo patterns such as the Boston Mess described in the Encyclopaedia were left out of the Compendium.

The Compendium of Club Juggling from its first edition also had considerable cross-referencing among not only its own pages but also those of its companion book. Later, revised editions of The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling would also take on this approach.

The last entry in this book was once again a humorous short story regarding the philosophy of juggling, this time entitled Zenith and the Art of Pattern Maintenance.

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