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The book is intended to be for all jugglers to enjoy (something Dancey explains on the first page introduction) and lists articles containing advice on juggling patterns suitable for a total beginner, such as Three Ball Cascade, for more advanced jugglers (e.g. Burke's Barrage) and also for experts (e.g. Five Ball Mills Mess) as well as entries on various types of juggling, different types of notation and seemingly random articles such as the entry on aardvarks. The book concludes with a short story about the philosophy of juggling entitled Zen and the Perfect Juggler.

The encyclopaedia contains approximately 220 pages in total, with each page in the main alphabetical section (excluding the introduction, acknowledgements, appendices and covers) in landscape orientation and formatted into three broad columns. Virtually every page of the book contains a cartoon or diagram by Dancey, which may or may not extend beyond the boundaries of a column of text. For example, the complete version of the illustration below takes up the lower portion of a complete double-page spread for the article about the pattern Mills Mess.

The landscape layout of each page and the binding along the left (shorter) side of the pages was deliberately put in place to emphasise that it is meant not to be a book to be read whilst sitting down, but a book to "stand up and do".

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