The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling

The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling (formerly Charlie Dancey's Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling) is a book authored by the professional juggler Charlie Dancey and first published in 1994. Revised and reprinted twice since, first in 1997 and again in 2003, it has remained a favourite among the juggling community ever since, attracting virtually unanimously positive critical and public reviews.

Many attributed the book's popularity to the A to Z indexing of content throughout its pages and complete cross-referencing of articles. Further to this, Dancey's light-hearted yet informative writing style complemented by his distinctive, often humorous, cartoon illustrations ensured the book's success, earning it the nickname of the "juggling bible" among many of its readers.

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The Encyclopædia Of Ball Juggling - The Compendium of Club Juggling
... Following the success of The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling, Dancey was able to write and have published in 1995 (also by Butterfingers) a companion ... The Compendium of Club Juggling from its first edition also had considerable cross-referencing among not only its own pages but also those of its companion book ... Later, revised editions of The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling would also take on this approach ...

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