The Dude (Devin The Dude Album) - Track Listing

Track Listing

# Title Producer(s) Featured performer(s) Time
1 "The Dude" Scarface 5:11
2 "Sticky Green" Tone Capone Scarface 3:09
3 "Don't Wait" Vintage Crate Music DMG, Spice 1 4:43
4 "Do What You Wanna Do" N.O. Joe 4:28
5 "Mo Fa Me" Domo 3:43
6 "Alright" Domo Randy Ran 4:34
7 "Bust One for Ya" J.B. 1:14
8 "See What I Could Pull" Devin the Dude 5:03
9 "Write & Wrong" Domo 5:02
10 "One Day at a Time" Scarface, Mr. Lee K-Dee, K.B. 3:58
11 "Boo Boo'n" Domo 4:19
12 "Like a Sweet" Devin the Dude, Domo Scarface, Jugg Mugg, Killemall, Ant Live 5:22
13 "Show Em'" Domo, Daddy Mook K.B. 4:36
14 "Ligole Bips (Southern Girls)" Domo Odd Squad, K.B. 4:37
15 "Can't Change Me" Scarface, Mr. Lee K-Dee, K.B. 4:10
16 "I Can't Quit" N.O. Joe 4:43
17 "Georgy" Tone Capone Kuirshan 3:23

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