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News programming on CW affiliates are similar to Fox stations in that the quantity of newscasts varies from station to station. Roughly two-thirds of The CW's approximately 200 affiliates air a local newscast in the 10–11 p.m. ET/PT (9–10 p.m. CT/MT) time slot. Fundamentally, the newscast schedules on CW affiliates vary considerably between stations compared to those aligned with ABC, CBS and NBC (which typically carry a minimum of 3½ hours of daily local news programming in morning, late afternoon and late evening timeslots) and especially Fox affiliates (whose in-house news departments produce four hours of news programming daily at minimum). Generally, most affiliates run a two-hour extension of a morning newscast and a half-hour or hour-long 10 p.m. newscast; though there are a few larger market stations that have in-house news departments whose newscast scheduling mirrors more closely to ABC, CBS and NBC stations and the news-intensive local news formats of certain Fox stations, with the aforementioned extended morning and primetime newscasts as well as an early evening newscast that is extended by a half-hour that also competes with the national morning and evening newscasts on the Big Three networks.

The CW affiliate body features fewer stations that operate their own news departments in comparison to stations aligned with NBC, ABC and CBS (each of whom have roughly ⅝-⅞ of their stations that broadcast local news programs, either in-house or in conjunction with another station), and considerably fewer than Fox (which has only about 50-60 stations with in-house news departments, with most of its stations outsourcing news programming to another station). WGN-TV/Chicago, WPIX/New York City, KTLA/Los Angeles, KDAF/Dallas-Fort Worth, KIAH/Houston (which produces newscasts, but employs virtually no on-air staff due to its anchorless format) and XETV-TV/Tijuana-San Diego are the only stations affiliated with the network that produce their own local news programming (XETV is the only CW affiliate that is not owned by Tribune Broadcasting that produces their own local newscasts and the station's news department was established during its prior Fox affiliation in 1999; the existence of KTLA, WGN and WPIX's news departments date back to either during their periods as independent stations or during early affiliations with other networks including DuMont). KTLA has the largest number of hours devoted to local news programming of any CW affiliate with 54 hours each week, followed by WGN-TV with 49 hours each week.

In most markets, a CW affiliate may outsource news programming to an NBC, ABC or CBS station in the market (either due to insufficient funds for production of their own newscasts or in most cases, the station being operated as part of a legal duopoly or through an operational agreement with a major network affiliate). As with Fox affiliates, stations aligned with The CW that have their newscasts produced by another station in the market tend to have fewer hours devoted to news than the station producing the program. CW affiliates operated in duopolies (legal or virtual) with Fox stations typically do not carry local newscasts, especially if the Fox station has its own news department. Among the few exceptions are in Denver and St. Louis, where Fox affiliates owned by Local TV LLC in those markets produce newscasts in conjunction with the local Tribune-owned CW affiliates through local marketing agreements that stemmed from a 2008 broadcast management agreement between Tribune and Local TV (KDVR produces morning and early primetime newscasts for KWGN-TV, the former competing with KDVR's own morning newscast, while KTVI produces daytime and primetime newscasts for KPLR-TV; both CW affiliates operated separate news departments prior to the

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