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Stories Not Set in The Foundation Universe

"Victory Unintentional" does not belong to the Robot series, even though it is about Asimov's positronic robots who obey the Three Laws of Robotics.

Stories that are about Asimov's positronic robots that do not obey the Three Laws of Robotics:

  • "Let's Get Together" robots are used as parts of a bomb that will explode when they get together.
  • In "Someday" there are non-positronic computers which tell stories and don't obey the Three Laws.
  • In "Sally" there are positronic brain cars who can damage men or disobey without problems. No other kinds of robots are seen, and there is no mention of the Three Laws.
  • In ". . . That Thou Art Mindful of Him" robots are created with a very flexible Three Laws management, and these create little, simplified robots with no laws that actually act against the Three Laws of Robotics.

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