The City in The Autumn Stars

The City in the Autumn Stars: Being a Continuation of the Story of the Von Bek Family and Its Association With Lucifer, Prince of Darkness is a science fantasy novel by British author Michael Moorcock. The second book in the Von Bek trilogy, it was published by Grafton in 1986. The story centres on the characters of Manfred von Bek, a descendant of Ulrich von Bek, who is also the protagonist of the previous book in the series (The War Hound and the World's Pain) and Libussa Cartagena y Mendoza-Chilperic, the Duchess of Crete, along with their journey to the mystical Mittelmarchthe, and their search for the Holy Grail.

The book was written in tandem with The Laughter of Carthage, part of the Colonel Pyat tetralogy, with one novel being written during the day, and the other at night.

The fiction preface of the novel, written by The Publishers, explains that the text of the book had originally been published anonymously around 1840 in Heidelberg, its authorship later being traced to Manfred von Bek, and that this "somewhat modernised version of Manfred von Bek's Confession" was adapted from an English edition published in London by D. Omer Smith of St. Paul's Churchyard, in 1856.

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The City In The Autumn Stars - Plot Summary
... towards Switzerland, with the final destination of the Waldenstein city of Mirenberg in mind ... through the shadow land of Mittelmarch, this unlikely alliance arrives in the City in the Autumn Stars ...

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