The Bund II - Cast


  • Ray Lui as Ting Lik (丁力)
  • Chow Yun-fat as Hui Man-keung (許文強)
  • Gigi Wong as Chu Yin-yin (朱燕燕)
  • Patrick Tse as Tik Wan-chi (狄雲志)
  • Liu Kai-chi as Chan Cheung-kwai (陳祥貴)
  • Mary Hon as Poon Ling (潘玲)
  • Chan Lap-ban as Ting Lik's mother
  • Dominic Lam as Kwok Chun-cheung (郭鎮昌)
  • Chong Man-ching as Wong Yuet-kei (汪月琪)
  • Cheung Kwok-keung as Man Kwok-keung (聞國強)
  • King Doi-yum as Kwok Chau-ha (郭秋霞)
  • Lo Chun-shun as Cheung (阿張)
  • Fung Kwok as Fai (阿輝)
  • Lung Tin-sang as Bo (阿保)
  • Cheung Sang as Kiu Ying (喬英)
  • Yu Ming as Pang Choi (彭才) / Uncle Cheuk (卓伯)
  • Tsui Kwong-lam as Fok Kei (霍基)
  • Cho Chai as Siu Hung (蕭熊)
  • Ma Hing-sang as Boss Ma (馬老闆)
  • Leung Oi as Sister Ping (萍姐) / Aunt Ping (平嫂)
  • Mui Lan as Sam (阿三)
  • Chow Kit as Chairman Ng (伍社長) / Manager Lee (李經理)
  • Kwan Kin as Kwok Tso-yin (郭祖賢)
  • Wong Man-yee as Miss Shanghai
  • Lee Ching-wai as Sister Kam (琴姐)
  • Natalis Chan as doctor
  • Lin Yin-fai as doctor
  • Chan Wing-fai as Lik (力打手) / Chuen (阿全) / bodyguard
  • Leung Kit-wah as Kwok Chau-ha's classmate / Mary (瑪莉)
  • Hui Yat-wah as Kwok Chau-ha's classmate
  • Leung Siu-tik as Robert (羅拔) / gangster Hung (流氓洪)
  • Lo Kwok-wai as Wong Yan (王仁) / robber
  • Wu Chi-lung as Wong Yung (王勇) / robber
  • Chung Chi-keung as Ho Sing (何勝)
  • Ye Fung as Tanaka (田中)
  • Law Lai-kuen as Secretary Tik (狄秘書)
  • Cheung Kwok-keung as Man Kwok-keung (聞國強)
  • Michael Miu as Secretary Wong (黃秘書)
  • Peggy Lam as Poon Ling's friend / Or (阿娥)
  • Man Kit-wun as Poon Ling's friend
  • Chan Mei-suen as Poon Ling's friend
  • Wong Jo-see as Lau Siu-ching (劉小青)
  • Lai Siu-fong as Kwok Chun-cheung's mother
  • Ho Kwai-lam as Lui Hon (雷漢) / Pierre
  • Mak Tze-wun as gangster
  • Bak Lan as Yeung's mother
  • Sheung-koon Yuk as Kwok Tso-yin's wife / Kwok Chau-ha's mother
  • Leung Suk-yee as Kwok Chau-ha's classmate / student
  • Felix Wong as Kei (阿基) / worker
  • Chu Kong as guard
  • Au Bing-nam as gangster / middle-aged man
  • Shek Siu-lun as warehouse guard / committee member So (蘇委員)
  • Tsui Kwai-heung as Japanese woman
  • Bak Man-biu as Murakami Taro (村上太郎) / village chief
  • Yeung Chung-yan as Japanese monk
  • Henry Lee as Japanese monk / Manager Au (區經理)
  • Chow Ding-yuen as Kwan (阿均)
  • Wong Ying-wah as Tak (阿德) / Yan (助手仁)
  • Kiu Hung as Inspector Yuen (袁局長)
  • Tan Chuen-hing as Tik Wan-chi's henchman
  • Mak Tai-shing as famous man
  • Yeung Ka-nok as worker
  • Chan On-ying as Poon Ling's friend
  • Cheung Hei as old man
  • Law Kwok-wai as Manager Yau (由司理)
  • Chun Wong as Manager Tsang (曾經理)
  • Lee Yeung-do as gangster / coolie / student / Sa (阿沙)
  • Chan Lin-sin as Kwok Chun-cheung's sister
  • Ho Kei-ning as Kwok Chun-cheung's brother
  • Lai Bik-kwong as warehouse guard / driver
  • Wai Yee-yan as emcee
  • Kwong Chor-fai as Lawyer Sam (岑律師) / Manager Sam (岑司理)
  • Tsui Yau-lun as Yuen (阿原) / assassin
  • Wong Chi-wai as Fei (阿肥)
  • So Hon-sang as rickshaw puller / gangster
  • Lui Oi-kwan as Yuen San (袁珊)
  • Leung Kit-fong as Aunt Man (文嬸)
  • Tsang Yuk-ha as dancer
  • Siu Siu-ling as dancer
  • Law Keung as assassin
  • Lok Kung as Mayor Ng (吳市長)
  • Cheung Chi-keung as fisherman Kwong (漁民廣)
  • Fu Yuk-lan as student
  • Pui Wun as aunt
  • Yip Ping as aunt
  • Mak Yiu-sun as gangster
  • So Ping-bo as tipster
  • Fong Ping as mamasan
  • Lau Siu-ming as lawyer
  • Ng Bok-kwan as assassin Hak (殺手克)
  • Cheng Fan-sang as assassin Chiu (殺手招)
  • Simon Yam as Chin (阿錢)
  • Wong See-yan as Secretary Chin (錢秘書)
  • Felix Lok as Chung (阿忠)
  • Ho Bik-kin as constable
  • Law Wai-ping as doctor
  • Tsang Wai-ming as coolie Sam (苦力三)
  • Benz Hui as driver Ming (車伕銘)
  • Law Chun-biu as assassin Wai (殺手羣)
  • Ho Kwong-lun as Ting Lik's henchman
  • Liu Chun-hung as Tin (阿田)
  • Tsui Wai-sun as Kwong (阿光)

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