The Book of Salt - Characters - The Man On The Bridge

The Man On The Bridge

Bình meets the Man on the Bridge years before he meets Gertrude Stein and Miss Toklas, in 1927. He is another Vietnamese man in Paris, who has been to many places and held various jobs in the past, including cook, kitchen boy, photograph retoucher, and letter writer on the Latouche Tréville. He is compared to the "scholar-prince" described in Bình's mother's stories. Bình later discovers a photograph of this man, named Nguyen Ai Quoc – the same name Ho Chi Minh used when he was in France. In reality, Ho Chi Minh was in Paris for a brief period in 1927, and he worked on a boat named the Latouche Tréville. Although these facts are never explicitly stated in the book, they suggest that the Man on the Bridge was Ho Chi Minh.

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