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Temptation is generally an opportunity for a couple or contestant to win immunity for the next weigh-in. This means that even if their weight loss means they would fall below the yellow line, they will not be up for elimination and the next couple or contestant with the lowest percentage of weight loss will take their place under the yellow line. As well as winning immunity, the couple or contestant also gains the responsibility of taking 'The Walk'. To win immunity, an element of risk is involved as couples or contestants may have to eat high calorie or unhealthy foods for a chance to win immunity and this could jeopardise their performance in the next weigh-in.

Temptation is symbolic of the fact that foods offered in temptation may be foods that tempt the contestants in the outside world and some contestants restrain from temptation for the fact that they want to steer away from these foods for good.

Week Title Description Winner(s) Calories consumed
1 Race to the Platters Six covered plates were placed in front of the couples. One of them contained immunity and the rest contained high calorie foods. The possibilities included some lolly-pops, a chocolate éclair, cheesecake, chocolate cake, and a burger "with the lot" and chips (2019 calories). The first to grab the covered plate with immunity would win it. If the contestant chose one of the food plates, both teammates would have to eat the food. Every couple of minutes, the highest calorie food was removed, increasing the chances of immunity. Eventually, when there were two options, many considered going for the immunity, and in the end Nathan and Andrew took both the final plates to win immunity as a couple. The rest of the contestants then knew that Nathan and Andrew were "playing the game". This, Andrew and Nathan felt, would make them targets for elimination. Andrew & Nathan 80 cal each
2 N/A Because of the Race to Sydney challenge (see above), no Temptation was played this week. However, immunity and the power of The Walk were given to the couple that came first in the Race to Sydney challenge. N/A 0 cal
3 Wooden Spoon Similar to last year's golden fork temptation, the couples had to grab the wooden spoon in order to be in the running for immunity. The kitchen had been decked out in foods from the bakery, but the temptation foods were doughnuts. The foods ranged from a small cinnamon doughnut at 70 calories to the chocolate jam and cream-filled doughnut with hundreds and thousands at 1275 calories. As Nathan and Andrew were the current holders of immunity, they were the first to play. AJ asked them who they wanted to play against, and they chose the green team. Immediately, the green team Mates took the wooden spoon and won. The light blue team withdrew and the green team were then asked who they wanted to play against next. For the rest of the rounds, despite some players — such as Cameron — wanting the food and a chance for immunity, everyone else refused to take the spoon, and as a result, Ben & Sean won immunity having eaten just 70 calories. Also, since Mel and Sharif were with the Commando, Holly and Teresa represented themselves without their partner. The other couples had all expressed a desire to go for immunity in order to take it from Nathan & Andrew. But, as they discovered that Nathan & Andrew no longer had it, and so as not to take in unnecessary calories, they stood firm and didn't give in to temptation. After the challenge, Bob & Tiffany got to see their family for one day because Bob had been the biggest loser for two weeks running and had the greatest percentage weight loss in week two. Ben & Sean 70 cal each
4 Italian Temptation For this temptation, one contestant at a time had to decide whether to eat any food for immunity or not. For the first time, each couple was not allowed to consult with their partners whether to go for immunity or not. For this temptation, as it was "one vs all" week, Nathan & Andrew were not able to compete for immunity. If none of the six couples went for immunity, no one would hold immunity and Nathan & Andrew would have the power of the walk. Meaghan, despite not eating, commented that she was tempted by the chef instead of the food. In the end, Teresa ate a Vegetarian Pizza (180 calories); Holly also ate a Vegetarian Pizza (180 calories); and Sharif ate a Chicken Parmigiana (550 calories) to win immunity for Teresa & Sharif. Teresa & Sharif Teresa (180 cal) Sharif (550 cal)
5 Milkshake Wars For this temptation, each contestant wearing blindfolds had to decide whether to drink the banana and strawberry milkshake for immunity. They had twenty minutes to decide whether to drink or not, and were not allowed to talk to anyone on the table. Sharif, Teresa and Sammy all decided not to drink their milkshakes. In the end, Nathan drank the whole three litres (3000 calories) to claim immunity for him and his brother. Andrew & Nathan Nathan (3000 cal) Andrew (1375 cal)
6 Chocolate Poker The contestants were seated around a poker table with items of chocolate of various calorie counts in front of them. Each in turn could place a bet in calories of chocolate, with each succeeding player needing to match the bet with the option of raising it, or else drop out of the game. Whoever was the last player in the game had to eat their bet to win immunity. This was the first Temptation where contestants competed individually for immunity, rather than as couples. Andrew bet a mini Milky Way (62 calories). All other players dropped out of the game, except Nathan, who raised the bet over his brother to 2 mini Milky Ways (124 calories). Andrew dropped out, and Nathan ate the 2 mini Milky Ways to win Temptation. Nathan 124 cal
7 Favourite Food The contestants were seated along a table with their favourite meal in front of them, totalling 1000 calories, which they had symbolically thrown away seven weeks earlier on Fitzroy Island. To play Temptation, they had to eat the entire meal within 15 minutes. If more than one person finished their meal, those people would progress to the second round, with desserts. Furthermore, the contestants were divided by screens so they couldn't see who was eating. Sharif was the only one to eat and finish his meal, so he won immunity. Sharif 1000 cal
8 Fortune Cookies The contestants went to Kam Fook Restaurant, and were seated around a table. They were each presented with a bowl full of 100 fortune cookies. One fortune cookie within each bowl contained immunity. Each fortune cookie contained 25 calories. They had 30 minutes to eat as many cookies as they wanted in order to find immunity. Whoever found immunity first would win it, but if no one found it within the time limit, only those who had eaten at least one cookie would go to the next round. In the next round, there would only be one cookie for each player, and only one containing immunity. The one who picks the correct cookie would win immunity. Sharif started to eat cookies but stopped after seven (175 calories) without finding immunity. No one else ate within the time limit, so Sharif won immunity. Sharif 175 cal
9 N/A There was no Temptation this week, as the episode instead focused on the contestants receiving full-body makeovers. However, there was still a Walk (see below), and immunity was the prize for the major challenge instead. N/A 0 cal
10 N/A There was no Temptation this week, as the episode instead focused on Sammy, Sean and Cameron's "Face Your Fears" personal challenges, in which each contestant would perform an activity that would get them to face their greatest fears. Sammy went whitewater rafting, Sean jumped out of a helicopter into Lake Tarawera, and Cameron went abseiling. N/A 0 cal
11 Table of Presents This week was second-chance week for the eliminated contestants, so Temptation was played between the eliminated contestants (except for Holly and Mel who left beforehand voluntarily). There was a table with 6 presents along it. In each present was a different item: the prize of an 8-day trek for 2 to North Vietnam (valued at $5500), the prize of a SYM VS 125cc scooter (valued at $3499), chocolate crackles (961 calories) that the contestant had to eat, fairy bread (220 calories) that the contestant had to eat, elimination (a card that said "Go home"), and a "wildcard" white T-shirt. As there were 12 contestants but only 6 presents, they would have to race and put their hand on a present before anyone else to claim it. Sharif ate the fairy bread, Meaghan won the scooter, Andrew ate the chocolate crackles, Jodi won the white T-shirt, Ben was eliminated, and Stewart won the holiday to Vietnam. Jodi 0 cal
12 N/A Instead of Temptation this week, there was the final challenge (see "Escalator Challenge" below). The power of the final Walk was the prize for the winner of the final challenge. N/A 0 cal

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