The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn - Reception


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Drowned in Sound
The Guardian
Pitchfork Media (2.3/10)
Rolling Stone
Stylus Magazine C+
Under the Radar
  • Pitchfork gave the album a rating of 2.3 out of 10, calling the sisters “self-impressed” and accusing them of being more interested in transcending genres than creating actual songs. They continue to bash the sisters, describing the lyrics as “lazy, meandering nothings”. After the review was published, however, Sterogum founder and former Pitchfork-contributor Brandon Stousy revealed on his personal blog that he had originally been tasked with writing the Pitchfork review of the album, and gave it a very favorably high score, claiming the review was pulled at the last minute and replaced with Mark Hogan's score of 2.3. Stousy's review can be found here:,_a_review
  • Tiny Mix Tapes found the album more tolerable, giving it a 3 out of 5. In the review, they give CocoRosie credit for being brave enough to produce such an album, saying they “don’t just push the envelope; they spit-seal that shit, shove it in the mailbox, and harass their friendly local carrier until he’s scared NOT to deliver their message."
  • Allmusic gave the album a 4/5, saying that they find Cocorosie's “fractured fairy tale sound still surprising three albums into their career."
  • Drowned in sound gave the album a 9/10, calling it “their most fully realized, well-produced and melody rich record yet."
  • The Guardian gave it a 2/5, saying that Cocorosie “seem to have no interest in developing these fragments of ideas into a coherent artistic whole.”
  • Sputnik Music gave the album a 4/5, calling it “pop music as it would sound from some demented far away place.”
  • BuzzSugar gave it a 3/5, claiming that the album is “well worth a listen despite its flaws.”

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