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Leftist Militancy

  • 1910 October 1: Los Angeles Times bombing. The Los Angeles Times building in Los Angeles is destroyed by dynamite, killing 21 workers. The bomb was apparently placed due to the paper's opposition to unionization of its employees; the McNamara brothers were found guilty.
  • 1969 August 7: Twenty were injured by radical leftist Sam Melville in a bombing of the Marine Midland Building in New York City.
  • 1969 September 18: The Federal Building in New York City is bombed by radical leftist Jane Alpert.
  • 1969 October 7: Fifth floor of the Armed Forces Induction Center in New York City devastated by explosion attributed to radical leftist Jane Alpert.
  • 1969 November 12: A bomb is detonated in the Manhattan Criminal Court building in New York City. Jane Alpert, Sam Melville, and 3 other militant radical leftists are arrested hours later.
  • 1971 March 1: The radical leftist group Weatherman explode a bomb in the United States Capitol to protest the U.S. invasion of Laos.
  • 1974 June 13: The 29th floor of the Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was bombed with dynamite at 9:41 pm resulting in no injuries. The radical leftist group Weatherman took credit, but no suspects have ever been identified.
  • 1983 November 7: U.S. Senate bombing. The Armed Resistance Unit, a militant leftist group, bombs the United States Capitol in response to the U.S. invasion of Grenada.

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    ...the moving spirit of militancy is deep and abiding reverence for human life.
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