Terror Titans

The Terror Titans are a supervillain group in the DC Comics. They are a mirror group to the Teen Titans, composed of "legacy" villains. They first appeared as a team in Teen Titans #56 (February 2008), though Clock King and Dreadbolt appeared in shadow form at the end of #55.

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... Dark Side then hires the Terror Titans in order to capture the Teen Titans, granting the new Clock King the role once held by Granny and Bernadeth as the chief captor and ... In such role the Terror Titans manage to capture Red Devil and Miss Martian, brainwashing the former into a feral, mindless beast, and forcing the latter into ... The Club returns in the Terror Titans, where the Terror Titans are shown retaining their chief role, and granting the Dark Side Club a more business driven facade, more similar to the Roulette ...
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... See also Terror Titans Sapphire has recently appeared in the Terror Titans mini-series, as one of a number of brainwashed young heroes made to fight each other by The Dark ...
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... # Title Collected material Pages ISBN# Full run Terror Titans Terror Titans #1–6 144 ISBN 1-4012-2294-3 ...
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... A new Disruptor appeared in Teen Titans #56 as a part of the Terror Titans ... for Ravager, amplified by Clock King's fascination for the former Teen Titan, and his growing disdain for herself ... in motion, Ravager attempted to stop him, leading Angelica and the Terror Titans to attack her ...

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