Ternary (from Latin ternarius) is an adjective meaning "composed of three items". It can refer to:

  • Ternary complex, a complex formed by the interaction of three molecules
  • Ternary compound, a type of chemical compound
  • Ternary computer, a computer using a ternary numeral system
  • Ternary form, a form used for structuring music
  • Ternary Golay code, a perfect ternary linear code
  • Ternary heap, a data structure in computer science
  • Ternary logic, a logic system with the values true, false, and some other value
  • Ternary name for any taxon below the rank of species
  • Ternary numeral system, a base-3 counting system
    • Balanced ternary, a positional numeral system, useful for comparison logic
  • Ternary operation, an operation that takes three parameters
  • Ternary plot or ternary graph, a plot that shows the ratios of three proportions
  • Ternary relation, a finitary relation in which the number of places in the relation is three
  • Ternary search, a computer science technique for finding the minimum or maximum of a function
  • Ternary signal, a signal that can assume three significant values
  • Ternary tree, a tree data structure in computer science
    • Ternary search tree, a ternary (three-way) tree data structure of strings

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... the planet on which part of the framing story is set, including Minerva, use an unbalanced ternary system ... the original ternary readout is unit pair pair comma unit nil nil comma unit pair pair comma unit nil nil point nil" ... Virtual Adepts in Mage The Ascension use ternary computers ...
Pólya Enumeration Theorem - Examples - Rooted Ternary Trees
... The set T3 of rooted ternary trees consists of rooted trees where every node has exactly three children (leaves or subtrees) ... Small ternary trees are shown at right ... Note that ternary trees with n vertices are equivalent to trees with n vertices of degree at most 3 ...
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... In computer science, a ternary tree is a tree data structure in which each node has at most three child nodes, usually distinguished as "left", “mid” and "right ... Ternary trees are used to implement Ternary search trees and Ternary heaps ...