Tera Guardians

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Black God (manga) - Terminology
... Tera Guardian (元神霊, Mototsu Mitama?) God-like beings charged with maintaining the balance of existence ... the Alter Ego, but it is negative luck, and a Minus Root has to constantly suck out Tera from others in order to survive, as his Tera will continue to ... pact or a bond made between a human and a Tera Guardian through sharing limbs ...
List Of Kurokami: The Animation Episodes - Episodes - Season 2
... Tera Guardians under the Kaionji Group raid the Noble One compound in an attempt to capture Kuro and Keita alive ... up with an injured Yakumo after his previous encounter with an unknown Tera Guardian ... Kuro faces off against Shinra and Raiga, defeating the former due to a surge of Tera Energy from Keita ...
List Of Kurokami: The Animation Episodes - Episodes - Season 1
... covert mission to test Akane if she has strong Tera Energy flowing throughout her body ... Kuro in a one-on-one match, to the point where the two Tera Guardians show off their Exceed skills and place the match evenly, however Steiner later subdues Kuro for the count due to his superior skills against ... Once at the mansion, the two Tera Guardians challenge each other to a fistfight ...

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