Tent City

A tent city is a temporary housing facility made using tents or other temporary structures. Informal tent cities may be set up without authorization by homeless people or protesters. As well, state governments or military organizations set up tent cities to house refugees, evacuees, or soldiers. Tent cities set up by homeless people may be similar to shanty towns, which are informal settlements in which the buildings are made from scrap building materials.

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Lockdown (TV Series) - Episodes - Tent City
... To deal with the overflow, the sheriff's office created Tent City on the edge of town ... Tent City houses 2,000 inmates in Korean War-era tents ... More than 20 felons share a single tent with more arriving every day ...
Tent City 4 - History - Northshore United Church of Christ—Woodinville (August–November 2004)
... NUCC invited Tent City 4 to relocate to its property, and applied to the city of Woodinville for a temporary use permit ... Woodinville City council proposed moving Tent City 4 to an undeveloped plot of park property for 40 days while NUCC and SHARE pursued permits to stay for an additional 60 days ... In exchange for the use of this site NUCC, and SHARE signed an agreement with the City of Woodinville which stated that SHARE and any church sponsor, "must agree not to establish, sponsor or ...
Tent City - Other Applications - Protests
... Occupy movement is an international protest movement that features tent cities set up in parks in some cities ...
Fort Edmonton Park - Description - 1905 Street – The Municipal Era (1892–1914) - Notable Features
... Tent City Due to Edmonton's economic boom in the early years of the 20th century, the large influx of newcomers to Edmonton arrived to find no housing available ... Fort Edmonton Park's tent city reflects the temporary solution that people used until houses could be built ... that many of the poor could not afford rising rent costs, and a tent city was erected in downtown Edmonton populated by about two hundred homeless people ...
Tent City 4
... Tent City 4 is a homeless encampment of up to 100 persons operated by homeless residents and sponsored by 501(c)(3) organizations Seattle Housing and Resources Effort (SHARE) and Women's Housing Equality and ... Minors are not allowed in Tent City 4, although there is a provision for emergency situations ... Residents may use their own tents or community tents that are segregated by gender ...

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    Not to find one’s way in a city may well be uninteresting and banal. It requires ignorance—nothing more. But to lose oneself in a city—as one loses oneself in a forest—that calls for a quite different schooling. Then, signboard and street names, passers-by, roofs, kiosks, or bars must speak to the wanderer like a cracking twig under his feet in the forest.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)

    I never saw a man who looked
    With such a wistful eye
    Upon that little tent of blue
    Which prisoners call the sky.
    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)