Tensor Product of Fields

The tensor product of fields is the best available construction on fields with which to discuss all the phenomena arising. As a ring, it is sometimes a field, and often a direct product of fields; it can, though, contain non-zero nilpotents (see radical of a ring).

If K and L do not have isomorphic prime fields, or in other words they have different characteristics, they have no possibility of being common subfields of a field M. Correspondingly their tensor product will in that case be the trivial ring (collapse of the construction to nothing of interest).

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Tensor Product Of Fields - Consequences For Galois Theory
... This gives a general picture, and indeed a way of developing Galois theory (along lines exploited in Grothendieck's Galois theory) ... It can be shown that for separable extensions the radical is always {0} therefore the Galois theory case is the semisimple one, of products of fields alone ...

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