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Galician-Asturian - Morphological Aspects
... Verbal Forms Verbal tenses Indicative Present, Imperfect, Perfect simple, Past perfect simple, Future Conditional Subjunctive Present and imperfect ... In Eonavian is characteristic the construction of the future tense with the phrase verb 'haber' + pronoun + tense infinitive "eiyes atizar" u otras "eivos dar", "y'a poƱer", which are similar to others ... Conjugated infinitive ...
Comparison Between Esperanto And Ido - Morphology
... Adverb -e (varme) warmly -e (varme) Present tense infinitive -ar (irar) to be going to go -anti (iranti) -i (iri) Past tense infinitive -ir (irir) to have gone -inti (irinti) Future tense infinitive -or (iror) to be ... ending -j (so plural nouns end in -oj), uses -i for verb infinitives (Esperanto infinitives are tenseless), and uses -u for the imperative ...

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    Al, Reverend Sharpton (b. 1954)