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A competent tennis player has eight basic shots in his or her repertoire: the serve, forehand, backhand, volley, half-volley, overhead smash, drop shot, and lob.

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Tennis Shots
... There are seven basic shots in the game of tennis the serve, forehand, backhand, volley, slice, smash and lob ... Each shot is made by using a racquet to strike a ball with the intent to hit the ball over the net ... Tennis shots are therefore named for when they are struck (in the case of the serve) or the manner in which they are struck ...
Continuity Editing
... and to establish a logical coherence between shots ... tries to show psychological continuity of shots ... The montage technique relies on symbolic association of ideas between shots rather than association of simple physical action for its continuity ...
Basketball Moves - Shots - Putback and Tip-in
... the player can land on the ground before shooting, but cannot dribble before taking the shot ...
Japanese Cruiser Akashi - Design
... up to 9,100 metres (4.9 nmi) with a nominal firing rate of 5.7 shots/minute ... nmi) with a nominal firing rate of 12 shots/minute ... nmi) with a nominal firing rate of 20 shots/minute, mounted four on the upper deck, two on the poop, two on the after bridge and one each on the bow ...
2009 WCHA Men's Ice Hockey Tournament - Bracket - First Round - (1) North Dakota Vs. (10) Michigan Tech
... Lamoureux - 1113 Third period 0613 - pp - Alex MacLeod Brad Eidsness ( 20 saves / 21 shots ) Goalie stats Rob Nolan ( 26 saves / 31 shots ) Josh Robinson ( 5 saves / 0 shots ) March 14 North Dakota 4 – 3 Michigan ...

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