Temporal Logic

In logic, the term temporal logic is used to describe any system of rules and symbolism for representing, and reasoning about, propositions qualified in terms of time. In a temporal logic we can then express statements like "I am always hungry", "I will eventually be hungry", or "I will be hungry until I eat something". Temporal logic is sometimes also used to refer to tense logic, a particular modal logic-based system of temporal logic introduced by Arthur Prior in the late 1950s, and important results obtained were by Hans Kamp. Subsequently it has been developed further by computer scientists, notably Amir Pnueli, and logicians.

Temporal logic has found an important application in formal verification, where it is used to state requirements of hardware or software systems. For instance, one may wish to say that whenever a request is made, access to a resource is eventually granted, but it is never granted to two requestors simultaneously. Such a statement can conveniently be expressed in a temporal logic.

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    “... We need the interruption of the night
    To ease attention off when overtight,
    To break our logic in too long a flight,
    And ask us if our premises are right.”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    What’s this, Aurora Leigh,
    You write so of the poets and not laugh?
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    Of the only truth-tellers, now left to God,—
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