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Blind Date (Angel) - Plot
... Angel encounters a blind woman, who throws him against a wall and easily fights off his punches before slipping off ... When he returns to Angel Investigations, Cordelia looks up "blind woman murder" on the Internet and discovers a blind woman named Vanessa Brewer has been arrested for fleeing the scene ... Angel enters and tosses Vanessa's glasses at her, and when she immediately catches them, the courtroom reacts ...
Soul Purpose (Angel) - Plot
... In Angel's dream, he relives the moment in which Spike drinks from the cup that signifies he is the champion referred to by the Shanshu Prophecy ... dream, the cup isn't a fake, and radiance shines down on Spike, then incinerates Angel in the same way the amulet incinerated Spike when he sacrificed himself in Sunnydale ... Spike tells him to go to Angel instead, but “Doyle” says that Angel is "working the other side of the tracks" now ...
Underneath (Angel) - Plot
... Angel and Spike discuss the impending apocalypse and Angel says that the Senior Partners are planning something ... Eve berates Angel for letting the Senior Partners take Lindsey ... Angel notes that Eve is hiding from the Senior Partners because they will take her if they find out where she is ...

Famous quotes containing the words angel and/or tells:

    I askèd a thief to steal me a peach
    He turned up his eyes
    I ask’d a lithe lady to lie her down
    Holy & meek she cries—

    As soon as I went
    An angel came.
    He wink’d at the thief
    And smild at the dame—

    And without one word said
    Had a peach from the tree
    And still as a maid
    Enjoy’d the lady.
    William Blake (1757–1827)

    If there is a look of human eyes that tells of perpetual loneliness, so there is also the familiar look that is the sign of perpetual crowds.
    Alice Meynell (1847–1922)