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Station Identity

TSW's original ident (a jingle that preceded station output) attracted much derision for failing to reflect the identity of the area it served. Although the static version showed green hills and a river to symbolize the West Country, the bubble and wave animation of the moving version was said to confuse viewers. In 1985 the ident was remodeled solely on the hills and river motif with a reworking of the accompanying tune. Whereas the original used a mixture of CGI and stop-frame animation the latter comprised purely of CGI. The ident was originally created by a graphic designer called, Paul Honeywill, who said in the 2001 documentary, 40 Years of ITV In The South-West: "It doesn't actually represent anything in particular, but through its simplicity it stays in your brain.".

Their first ident from 1982 was on a black background, with an overhead view of a static television screen with a red border around it. A blue square comes out of the screen. The square curves and starts to cover the screen as a pink volcano-like object rises out of the screen. Once the screen is covered, it is now a blue sphere. The sphere splits into three and then six in a mitosis-like effect. The spheres then flip to reveal that they are green hemispheres with a blue interior. The hemispheres then form pairs at various angles (looking a bit like the Sydney Opera House) and move toward the center of the screen. A blue zigzag line appears below them and "TSW" appears below the line. The music accompanying the ident was a section of the station theme, That's Soul, Write, written and composed by Will Malone, which was also aired regularly at closedown until 1985.

The remodeled ident first introduced in May 1985 was on a fading sky background, with 3 pairs of green semicircles (same design as the first logo) that flip from the bottom of the screen into 2D at the middle of the screen. The blue zigzag line comes with them and flips back into its normal place as the 3D letters "T", "S", and "W" appear from the top of the screen and spin a little as they go to their normal place.

In September 1989, when ITV introduced its first official corporate logo and national on-air identity, TSW was one of the five regions that refused to use the generic idents that were designed for their respective regions, each preferring to stay with their distinctive on-screen branding instead. In the case of TSW, the station instead chose to launch seasonal idents which would continue to be utilised, alongside the 1986 ident, until it went off air in 1992. Anglia, Channel, TVS and Ulster also chose to opt out of the network branding.

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