Telephone Numbers in Turkey - General Information

General Information

The country calling code of Turkey is 90.

  • National (significant) number: 10 Digits.
    • Area code: 3 digits
    • Local subscriber’s number: 7 digits.
    • Only exception in this is the call center numbers which start with 444, the call center numbers cannot be dialed with area code, they must be dialed with 7 digit from any phone (Landlines & Mobiles) in the country. The number format is 444 XX XX. For dialing the Call Center numbers from other countries, the number must be dialed as Country Code + Call Center Number like 90 444 XX XX. If you dial the Call Center number with the area code you will hear an IVR announce saying you must not use area code while dialing the call center number.
  • Dialing procedure:
    • A call from another country would have the following dialing format:
International call prefix + 90 + Area code + Subscriber’s number
(00) or + 90 (3 Digit) (7 Digit)
Example: + 90 312 213 2965
International Code Country Code Area Code Subscriber Number
+ 90 312 213 2965
      • Access to automatic telephone service within Turkey:

trunk / inner - city code number : 0

      • Access to international telephone service from Turkey:

international code : 00

    • Note: After 3-digit area codes, subscriber numbers cannot be prefaced with the number 1. The number 1 is only to be used for certain special services.
    • International Switched Digital Service:

Ankara DMS-300

Istanbul DMS-300

İzmir DMS-300

Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir DMS-300 International Exchanges Accept:

L/D + area code + subscriber number + ST L /D = language digit : 0 (direct dialing) L /D = language digit : 2 (operator assistance)

    • Operator Access Code:

There are two international operator centers in Turkey, Ankara and İstanbul. Each one of these centers provides operator telephone services according ITU/T dialing:

L/D + code11 + ST (Random) L/D + code12 + 312 + ST (Ankara) L/D + code12 + 212 + ST (İstanbul)

L/D: language digit 2 English C11: operator assistance C12: international transits ST: stop pulse

The operators of the international exchanges in Ankara and Istanbul are available under C11 and C12.

    • Local Time:

Winter time: UTC + 2 hours Summer time: UTC + 3 hours

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