Telefunken - Business Fields

Business Fields

Telefunken produced an extensive product spectrum of devices and systems from 1903 to 1996. Common characteristics are the authority for high frequency and communications technology and the construction unit and infrastructure technology necessary for it. Among other things:

  • Energy saving Lighting technology
  • Analogue computer
  • Voucher recognition, pattern recognition and letter sorting
  • Data communications networks
  • Digital computer for exchange technique, air traffic control, scientific, military applications
  • Electrical elements
  • Electro-acoustic plants and studio equipment
  • Flight guidance systems
  • Guidance and weapon deployment systems
  • Radio and data communication for applications of military
  • Radios for authority and operating radio
  • Semiconductor, circuits, solar cells, infrared modules
  • Mobile radio engineering
  • Direction finder and detection
  • Phono and tape decks, videodisc
  • Power Tools
  • Radar facilities for soil, flight and ship monitoring
  • Radio and TV home receiver
  • Vacuum Tubes
  • Radio relay link and satellite technology
  • Records
  • Sending and receipt tubes, travelling field tubes, color image tubes
  • Transmitter for broadcast and television, DAB transmitter
  • Speech recognition
  • Telephone, long-distance traffic, cable technology.

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